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The Outdoor Science Alliance works in partnership with the Nyack School District and the Nyack Center. It is managed by a Steering Committee, with day to day operations overseen by a coordinator. Activities at each school are managed by two parent volunteer coordinators, who work closely with principals and teachers, as well as the Steering Committee.


SOAR Steering Committee

Elizabeth Co, Co-Chair

Diana Cutt

Nicole Davi

Sarah Laird, Co-Chair

Vanessa Ploski


SOAR Coordinator: Melody Partrick


SOAR Lesson Plan and Curriculum Coordinator: Angela Davenport-Conway


Elementary School Coordinators

Liberty Elementary:

Carolyn Cairns and Ashley Curtis

Upper Nyack Elementary:

Angela Davenport-Conway and Joel Newton

Valley Cottage Elementary:

Lindsay Obrig and Steve Leiser

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